iPolice Award at WSA

Hello everyone! This month will be 1 year of blogging! I remember that day of the first post with nostalgia. It was at CoCreation Hub. At that time, I was a citizen in my own country. My life was a safe predictable mess but it was safe. Away from my country has been a roller coaster. However, the only regret that I have is that I should have left 2 years ago!

Concerning regrets. This week, Disney has finally closed down LucasArts. Last year when the acquisition happened, I kind of hoped that it would lead to a new era of games. Sadly that was not to be. In this post, the nail is finally put to the coffin. There will be no more LucasArts. Its not all doom and gloom as the month begins. This week I will be talking about iPolice by Peter Ihesie. As everyone knows, Nigeria faces a huge security challenge. There aren’t too many developers in the security arena and I find it cool that I know one of the few helping to address this need.

I first met Peter Ihesie in 2011 at a training organised by Nokia. We got talking about what he was doing and how he was working on a Church Management Software at the time Church+. I took his email because I was thinking about giving him a referral to a church.

In time, he would tell me about an application he was starting at the time called iPolice which is an application designed to connect the general Nigerian population with their local security services. Then would come the invitation from World Summit Awards on applications in the mobile space. The rest would be history.

iPolice is a mobile application with the following benefits and functionality:

  1. Security tips and Education from many security experts from within and outside Nigeria, thereby improving the overall security awareness and consciousness of Nigerians.
  2. Using location capability of most phones, the app leverages on this to locate the nearest police stations  with contact details  and phone numbers of the DPO. Users can also search for any police stations given any location.
  3. iPoliceMobile provides users with a quick dial access to national and most state emergency numbers including but not limited to toll free police numbers, fire service numbers, traffic service, FRSC ,ambulance and vehicle rescue numbers, with this feature, help should be a call away.
  4. iPoliceMobile gives users insightful information about the various efforts by the security agencies to making our community safer, with this users will appreciate the work being done by our security agencies thus creating a more cordial relationship between the people and the security agencies, which will help them to report or provide more useful information to the security forces that will help them better carry out their duties.
  5. iPoliceMobile aggregates most security news into a central point , thus giving users quick and wide range of information into the security happenings and also a basis for data analysis.

In time, Peter Ihesie  has participated in the Nokia Growth Academy and has a version of his application in the Nokia Store. The 2 years of incubation that went into  iPolice have finally paid off in the form of recognition. Peter Ihesie will be the best person to ask about how it has paid of financially.

Living in Africa at this point in time is a blessing. The amount of potential is simply staggering. My advice is pick your spot and start digging! In time, you will strike gold. Happy new month!