Programming Language Popularity


Its good to be back this week! This week as we head into the 1 year anniversary of this blog, I would love to talk about the popularity of the various programming languages used to develop industry strength applications.

The chart above already shows the popularity of the various programming languages. This article shows the 15 most conveted programming skills.

The text that follows is a personal summary of my experiences with the various programming languages.


I first heard about PHP in 2007. Then I was on industrial training. The idea of a language where you could declare variables on the fly was appalling to the programmers in the company I was an intern in. Appalling because this were seasoned programmers who had over 10 years of real world programming under their belts.


Java is one of those languages everyone knows yet few code. I was supposed to meet Java in the lecture halls of the university I attended, but our meeting was averted. Looking back, I say thank God! I swore off Java last year. Sometimes I wonder if I was wrong.

Objective C

Objective C is one programming language that I have never touched! I have never owned an Apple device so I cannot have programmed in it.


SQL was first learnt in 2007 at the company I interned at. In the first 3 months, I had gotten the basic syntax under my belt. In the next 3 months at that firm, I would be programming the Oracle database.


I first heard about Android at when I was preparing for the  Samsung Applications Developer Challenge in 2010. The process of setting it up was especially painful. I have never built an application for this platform.


Ruby is a programming language that has been around for a long time. It was never in my circle until this year when I learnt Ruby on Rails at the Coders4Africa training this year.


JavaScript is a scripting language. It has been around for a long time. Personally, it was with the advent of jquery that I fell in love with the language


C# is Microsoft’s answer to Java. C# packs a punch!


C++ is the programming language that would define the computing industry. I studied this programming language in university. However, this language is not for the faint-hearted.

Action Script

Action Script is a programming language close in syntax to JavaScript. It was part of the package when it came to developing Adobe Flash applications. I have never developed an Adobe Flash application.


The Python programming language is personally one of the programming languages I would recommend for beginners. It is where Java used to be in terms of its community.


The C programming language is the precursor to the C++ programming language. Never done any work here.


I last used ASP.NET for any project in 2010. I personally prefer PHP.

Overall, I have done some work with the languages listed here. My review later in this year would be if to go back to the Java programming language. I have not done any work with Java this year. That said the data seems to favour the language. At the end of the day, its not the programming languages but what we do with them.


2 thoughts on “Programming Language Popularity

    • Thanks for the link! I am still trying to make up my mind on if I should return back to the Java programming language. For this year though, web development and data visualization are my priorities.

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