Why I use HTML5 for Game Development

Game Distribution Channels

Hello Everyone! Welcome to a new month! I will be talking about why I use HTML5 for game development this week. Don’t get me wrong I know all the trends say do Mobile but I love having a Web First approach for the following reasons


For years XNA was used by developers in creating games for Microsoft. Then one day, support was discontinued. You can read the post here. Wisdom suggests that you do not plan a trip using another person’s car. HTML5 gives you the freedom to create without worrying about whether tools will be affected by the state of a company.


The web is a truly expressive platform. Check out Tweepmap by Rob Hawkes. This is a live collation of tweets from all over the world. The tools used to build it are out there all for free! I build games using HTML5 because they allow me hack out my ideas and then get down to seeking for feedback from users. The users don’t have to physically meet me. All they have to do is find the blog and post their comments.


The starting image represents the various platforms on which we play games. Now the image shows 5 platforms. Imagine having to write at least 5 versions of the same program to deliver for the platforms. So lets look at how we would do it.

  1. Consoles :- This is where games found a home first. Today, in order to build games, you would need to know C++.
  2. Desktop :- Here the range of choices is wide! If you were to try to design for a Mac, then you would need to know Objective C, for PCs, you would choose between C++, Java and C# at the minimum. While for Linux, Java would be your language of choice
  3. Web :- Here the choice would be Flash. Apart from being propeitary software, you would effectively lose the Mobile Market
  4. Mobile :- Here the choices are… Too many to mention. Everyone who is anyone in the Mobile space is building a walled garden.
  5. Facebook :- Like them or hate them, they are a plaform for the distribution of game content

Now imagine a tool that can get you into 4 out of the 5 platforms with minimum code alteration. That tool is HTML5. With it I can reach every distribution platform apart from the console.

So there you have it. My reasons for using HTML5. This post would not be complete without a linking to this article featuring the results of a survey on the global spread of HTML5.

With this post, I say welcome to a new month!


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