A Roundup of the Month of February

WheelsHello Everyone! Welcome to the last post for the month of February! It has really been a ride. At certain times we stumbled but somehow we made it to the end. Even this post is proof of that fact! I was trying to preview it but by accident I clicked on publish. Not funny! I sincerely apologise! As February comes to a close, this article is a rundown of upcoming events in the rest of the quarter.

First off, I read  this great post on Gamasutra about Adobe Flash. I think the insights provided are deep and worth a look. My choice of HTML5 for game development is something I will touch on next week.

Mozilla Gameon will be closing tomorrow. So if you have a game idea, do endeavour to submit it today! You need to first make a video of your game. This can be done using Screen-O-Matic. If you decide to go this route, do experiment with your first video. You require bandwidth to use the service but it is free.

Udacity is organising a game contest based on their course on HTML5 Game Development. It is meant to cover lessons from the course. If you are really serious about HTML5 Game Development, I suggest that you take the course and build a game for the competition. The deadline is March 31st.

Game Developers Conference will be holding from March 25th – March 29th in San Francisco. The oldest startup in the West African gaming space Leti Games will be at the event. They will be talking on Game Localization.

The month ends with gratitude to everyone reading this post. Your coming here makes it all worth it!


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