Final Salvo

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Whao! 25 posts! Our time together this year is done! Based on the Mayan calendar, the apocalypse was supposed to happen yesterday. It didn’t! I promise to be back on the 12th of January next year with more posts covering the gaming scene. Next year will be when we will have to play it to the bone. The first West African Global Game Jam will be holding next year in Lagos. You can find all the details here. I will continue to blog in the years to come. No matter what!

For my last post this year I will leave some interesting findings that I made this week. First off Mozilla Gameon has been launched. My zeal for HTML5 is once again justified! If you have a game in HTML5, do try and submit to the competition the deadline is February 24 2013. Also, please check out the top 10 developers by Gamasutra as expected, no one from Africa made the list. Lastly, I found this great post on the top five practices for building HTML5 games by Microsoft.

How do you close the curtain on a life changing experience? How do you say goodbye even if it is just for a while? Me I will start by saying thank you to Oluseye Soyode-Johnson who gave me the idea to start a blog. Really without that push none of this would have happened.


Hello World was the first post ever on this blog! I jumped head first into the pool and had to learn how to swim by not drowning! A novel experience for a programmer but one I don’t intend to repeat any time soon. Business Framework was the first time I used images on this blog. I remember using “trial and error” or as we programmers will eloquently say, I figured it out!

Concerning interviews, I had the priviledge of being one of the first bloggers to interview Hugo Obi of Maliyo Games. It was also my first interview on the blog. The second interview was with Bayo Puddicombe of Pledge51. All these interviews where done before I left Nigeria.

Beginning Game Development was where it really came together for me. I still don’t understand the intersection of forces that makes this the best post so far on this blog. A programmer I have absolute respect for Femi Taiwo even complimented me on that post. For programmers, the regard of mere mortals pale in comparision to regard of your peers sorry Oga Femi, I meant your seniors :-).

Wetin Dey Shele was the first time I had a guest writer on the blog. My friend Oge Nnadi did all the work for me. All I did was really copy and paste his content onto the blog. We also featured the launch of Windows 8! since that one posts, I have to continue maintaining that I do not work for Microsoft :-(.

The State of the West African Gaming Space was an honest look at the West African gaming space which at best is emerging (and that is me being polite!). On this blog, we also feature the upcoming which would be launched next year.


Overall, the year was a good year for the blog. I will be going underground until January 12 next year. In that time, I hope to finish the conversion of my first game Ise to HTML5.

The story of the gaming industry in West Africa is unfolding. I am not a writer! Perhaps I cannot write the story adeptly. But I can write it completely and I can write it truthfully. See you next year!


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