Titi Tilapia

Titi Tilapia

This week I will be looking at Nigeria’s First Video Game: Titi Tilapia! I first saw the game earlier this year on a friend’s laptop when I was in Nigeria but did not pay much attention to it. In recent times, it has grown to become a phenomenon. The years to come will see where it heads!

Titi Tilapia is a fun adventure game where the player will play Titi, a bright purple and white-striped tilapia gathering eggs underwater  in order to save them from Okoro the Octopus who intends to control the entire ocean.

The Story

Okoro the Octopus has taken over the once peaceful waters off the shores of Nigeria, he now rules with an iron hand and intends that nobody will rise against him, to ensure that he is set to gather all the eggs of all the fish in the sea,

But not if Titi can help it.



You play Titi Tilapia trying to beat a time limit and collect all the eggs at a level. As you progress through game levels, your time becomes shorter. The game also becomes challenging as minions such as stingrays and electric eels are introduced later in the game.

In between levels, you can also play as Tonye the tortoise. These levels will essentially involve sliding down a slide (with his shell)  at high speeds (based on gravity) eggs will be randomly placed to the left and right of the slide (the player has to get the required number of eggs as he slides down or start the level again). These levels have no time limit.

Tonye the tortoise


You can get the demo version here. Come next year, the team has promised that the game will be launched. Can’t wait!

So there you have Nigeria’s first video game! Next week I will be rounding up for the year! As the year rounds up, I can only express my gratitude to everyone that gave feedback on this blog. Do join me next week.


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