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The Blue Marble

Yesterday was phenomenal! Ghanaians had their 6th elections in the 4th republic. It was also the 4oth anniversary of Apollo 17 which was the eleventh and final mission of the United States Apollo Program. The above picture represents the one of the last few shots taken by the spacecraft

The gaming space in West Africa is heating up! This week I got to interview Idamiebi Ilamina-Eremie of Sonbim Games. In case you don’t know, Sonbim Games are the company behind Titi Tilapia Nigeria’s First Video Game! Enough talk on with the interview…

When did you first conceive the idea for Titi Tilapia?

My friend and I Jeff are gamers, and were working together at Ideacentric Global in Abuja, I had since discovered a game development platform but had never used it, I discussed it with Jeff… and we were like “We could Actually make a Game” but it should be really simple so that we don’t start the project and give up along the way if it simply becomes too large… Next thing you know… I got the idea of a Fish gathering eggs within a time limit… Jeff came up with the name Titi Tilapia… Then I called Fola, my friend, we were all 3D modelers and Animators, so art wasn’t going to be our problem, we would be more challenged with programming (we still are), but if there’s anything Nigerians are it’s resilient. We must find a way and we did. (I learnt…) no shaking… After that other things just fell into place…

How long did it take to build the game?

Actual Development  on Titi Tilapia started in August 2011, We released the demo in January 2012… Took reactions from people, took a break (since we all do other things to pay the bills) and went back to Development in August 2012, We are set to release the full game in January 2013 at the first Lagos Global Game Jam

Why did you build Titi Tilapia?

Titi Tilapia for us started as just a fun project, we also were excited that we could be pioneers in PC game development in Nigeria… then we released a demo, and it just blew up… So many people were interested… That’s when we decided it could be something serious.

Can we expect a version on Windows 8?

Because of our development platform, we don’t have any native windows 8 apps planned, but of course it will naturally work as a regular Windows application that is installed the old school way.

Is all the development done locally?

All development is done locally, From Programming , 3D Art to the 2D art,music sound effects, our team is a bunch of friends who just want to prove that this can be done here.

What awards has Titi Tilapia won?

Since we haven’t officially released the game, we are yet to win any awards, but we hoping we win a bunch in 2013, Fingers crossed…We aren’t looking at making the next “God Of War” or anything like that, so for us, even just finishing the game and having people actually play it will be amazing .

Can we expect more games next year?

Definitely, and i don’t want to let the cat out of the bag but let’s lemme just hint that our next title is a racing game that will be instantly recognizable as uniquely Nigerian, and it will be multi-platform (PC,Android, IOS,Mac) .We have learnt a lot, and  made a lot of mistakes in the development of Titi Tilapia,  So by our next title, we hope to have everything done properly.  We’ll also be developing an episodal game for an upcoming Nigerian blog. 2013 is looking pretty exciting

Where can a copy of the game be downloaded from?

Just the demo is available now… You can go to the site to get the demo.. The full game will be launched in January…

That’s all for this week! Next week I will be featuring the game on this blog.


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