Worth The Wait

Planetary Alignment

Hello everyone. Happy new month! Its good to be on the home stretch. 3 more posts and I will be done for the year. On Monday the 3rd, we will be witnessing the Planetary Alignment over the Pyramids of Egypt. This event occurs once in 2,737 years. I shudder to think where technology would be now if the civilization of Egypt was allowed to continue on it march. This week, the classic game Pong turned 40! This is one game that has been made on almost every platform out there and it is still fun to play!

This week I will be looking at famo.us which is a great product that has great promise. I feel this might be the product that makes the browser the “One screen to rule them all”. It was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt this year and is currently in private beta. Public release will be sometime in first quarter of next year. For now, as a developer, this is one product you should file under research. Bookmark the website and signup for the private beta.

famo.us works by accessing the GPU of any machine it runs on! The true beauty lies in the fact that the engine allows developers this much power using JavaScript! Any device with a GPU can run  I am talking phones, tablets, gaming consoles and laptops.

What can famo.us be used for? The framework is a rendering engine that can be used to create anything developers can think of. When I first saw the demo, I thought it could be used to create presentations and then I got to know that it would be like connecting a Ferrari to a team of horses. To work with famo.us  you must use  the engine to create 3D Templates. The only condition being that you make it open-source so that others can use what you have done.

As the year comes to a close, it is really exciting to see a new product emerge in the quest for making the browser more capable of native performance. Any reader of this blog knows my current stance on HTML5 and this is one product that is proof on the growing powers of the browser.

With the launch of Windows 8, next year promises to be an interesting time for developers. For a lot of developers, retooling is ongoing and will probably stretch into the first quarter of next year. Personally, famo.us is one tool worth adding to the toolbox when it is finally made available.


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