Programmers as Stay at Home Dads

Home Developer Workstation

This week I will be writing from the heart. As a programmer, in recent years, I have started thinking about the future: strange but true! And part of that future somehow involves getting married and having children. And looking over my schedule in the last couple of weeks, I have come to realise that programmers would make great stay at home dads.

This week was a really busy week. The election held in America and Obama was re-elected. Windows 8 officially launched on November 8 in Ghana so that is something to look forward to and today the WBA International Lightweight Championship will be holding. Angry Birds Star Wars launched this week. You can get the gist here. Did I mention that they added a lightsaber to the birds? This link talks about that.

So where was I… O I was talking about programmers as stay at home dads. To start with, I would have to setup the home office. That is easily done! Give me electricity and bandwidth and I have an office. So with that setup, I would choose a time to wake up.

With kids around, this would have to be 5 am. So once I got up, wife and kids would awaken to also start the day. I would then take my kids to school to be in before 8 am and I would dash back home by 9 am. From 9 am to 12 noon, I would work on a pressing project, read up on a programming language or a new skill I wanted to learn.

Once its 12 noon, I would take a break and go for lunch. I while back I stopped eating breakfast so 12 noon is a good time to eat for me. In this future, I am married so I would have to cook proper food and not eat Indomie or Bread. Would be back at 2 pm and work for 2 hours. 4 pm would be time to pick the children up from school.

Once the kids are back home, I would make sure they had their baths first and then ate lunch. Let give them 2 hours. So at 6 pm I would be done with the kids. Once done, I would ensure that they did their homework and read till 8 pm while I got busy preparing dinner.

8 pm dinner would be ready so I would ensure that kids got to eat a good dinner. After dinner, I would prepare the kids for bed. Somewhere around that time, madam would be back and I would spend time discussing her day. Soon, it would be 10 pm and kids would be in bed. 10 pm to 11 pm I would spend time getting to review the most critical project at hand. It helps because the subconscious mind has a way of solving problems.

I tap myself to reality! I haven’t written a line of code! I have been fully domesticated! I don’t think a programmer can live like this! Give me an office anyday. But for a while, it was good to dream about a life other than codes. Maybe someday… maybe.


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