Developing Your First Game

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Happy new month everyone! Since I started game development I have gotten asked by people on how to build games. Normally my response would be “Do it and get it wrong!” however, in recent times, I have gotten a hang of the process of game development. I am still evolving as I continue to learn but I can confidently give advice on how aspiring game developers can break past barriers and finish their first game. For me it would be great if someone out there used the tips from this post and developed a game before Christmas! Enough talk on with the reading…

Begin With An Idea


We all know what they are. Those gems that come to us and must be put down. Art above all is honesty! Ideas are the start of the process of creation. That said people seem to think that they are all that matter. Seeing an idea come to life is a gift few will ever possess.

People generally have a problem with commitment. And commitment is what it takes to bring ideas to life. So when the idea for the game hits, the best thing anyone can do is write it down! Writing it down gives meaning to an idea. From then on, the idea can be refined to make it better. Without this first step there is no breakthrough!

It is important to accept the fact that very few individuals can get truly original ideas. Ideas seem to build on top of each other. So it is important to copy ideas if you feel that would help.

Keep It Simple

This is critical! Every once in a while someone gets a good idea only to discard it because the idea is too complex. That is the reason for this advice. Simplify the idea to only one critical point! Execute on that one point and move on from there! Focus or fail!

Decide If You Should Use A Game Framework

In this post  I discuss the value of using a game framework in development. However, for beginner game developers, I do recommend learning Blender  because it is FOSS. I recommend this because I sort of stumbled into game development. Starting from scratch, I would not take the programmer route. I would learn how to create models and then when I was ready, I would learn how to program using Python which powers Blender. I say this because the programming method reveals only one side of the picture. Games are never about programming! To be exact anywhere there is an imagination, a game can be found!

Mechanics Before Aesthetics


Getting a basic picture of the game you intend to develop is more important than beautification. Game mechanics refers to the element of gameplay; how the user interacts with the game and the experience the game creates. Once the user enjoys the game irrespective of aesthetics, then it is easy to integrate aesthetics into the game. Aesthetics attracts users to a game but it takes sound mechanics to keep them interested in playing the game!

Done Is Better Than Perfect

At the end of everything, it is more important to execute than to discuss! I have met programmers who write better code that myself without a game to there name. I have also met people who cannot write code as well as myself that are doing great stuff. The key is to shine where you are and do your best everyday. It is better to be an honest fool than a lying scholar!


The quality that defines a successful game developer is not the number of ideas they have. A game developer develops games! It is important to remember that repetition is important when learning a skill. So be patient with yourself! Play, learn and have fun!


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