Straight Talk

Happy new month everyone! This post is my 14th on this blog and my we have indeed come a long way! I look forward to next week when I will be posting the 15th post. From then on, things get interesting as we basically count down to the end of the year.

Been really busy as the year rounds up, I feel it necessary to write straight from my heart. No fluff, no bluff! Since 2011, I have been visible in the tech space and I seem to notice that a year is divided into 4 quarters based on the following criteria:

1st Quarter :-  Wrap up of the previous year

2nd Quarter :- Start of projects

3rd Quarter :- End of 2nd quarter projects

4th Quarter :- Product Launch, competitions and fund raising events

We are now in the 4th quarter of the year. With lots of competitions going round, its hard for programmers to focus. My advice is Focus! Concentrate on a project you want to see succeed regardless of outcome. If you decide to compete, then use that product(s) to compete.

If you say which competitions, then my advice is that you bookmark this link it contains a calendar of all the happenings in the start up space in Nigeria. For other West African countries, I am yet to see any products like this. We did cover Wetin Dey Shele a write up by the programmer himself Oge Nnadi.

Of special interest to me is the Create UNAOC Challenge closing in 54 days! To be exact November 30. I think I might dust off a project on my computer and enter… What for me is interesting is that all apps/games submitted will be featured on their website. Talk about publicity!

The tech space is slowly becoming an arms race. Bootstraps are becoming startups, and startups are growing up to become companies. As this happens, venture capitalist will becoming into the scene. The death of innocence begins! In the next three years, there will be a gold rush. After that winners and losers will emerge. Lead, follow or get out of the way!

Perhaps the most exciting thing in October is the launch of Windows 8. Coming in on Friday 26th of this month, it will be a closing of ranks of the Microsoft Platform. As a standalone product, it will not have a chance in gaining ground but leveraging on the strength of the already existing eco-system, it will go on to do wonders. For the tech space, the next 3 years promise to be really exciting!

Please check out this link for startups its really loaded. If there is one link you click on this post, I will recommend it. I contains a real wealth of information. If you do find the link useful, share!

What a difference the next 3 years will make. On the tech side will be Windows 8. In politics, Nigeria should hopefully have her elections. In football, Brazil should host the world cup. With the coming years there is the need to upgrade your weaponry to deal with the coming waves. Find the funding! Find a lawyer! Develop products for defence!

Most important in all of this is a personal understanding and acceptance of individual realities. There is the need for everyone who wants to remain in the tech space to be sensible. There was a time when you could consider a fellow tech a friend. For me those days are gone. But I do have graphics designers as friends.

Will this trend continue? The answer is yes! Will the good old days ever come back, the answer is no! It is important to remember to be discreet. Everyday, when I wake up, I remind myself that I am not surrounded by my friends! But I am one of the lucky ones. Even though they are not my friends, they are good people.

We are all identified by the company we keep. I have earned the right to do business with people I trust. I believe now more in human greed than goodness. The concept of chivalry is something I was brought up with. But the world I live in is one of avarice.

The gaming space will change. It will be cool to see contenders become champions in this space. The next three years will be the proving ground. I am still standing. When this year ends, I hope I am still standing. History will be made in the next three years.

I sincerely hope this blog is here in that time. I hope we face the onslaught of the coming years and are still standing when it ends. I hope to be able to write the history of this period and chronicle it for those who come after us. History is written by winners!


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