Tribute to Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong

Happy weekend everyone! By the time you read this, it would be a new month! Its been a rush perhaps August would be called August Rush. On the 25th of August, Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the moon died. I was really sad when I heard the news. For me it meant that one of those people who pushed the frontiers of dreams and possibilities had exited the world. This post is meant as a tribute to the man. For his full biography, you can check here.

Before the tribute is paid, I think it is only fair not to keep some news to myself. The Create UNAOC Challenge is counting down and 90 days are left! I am not privileged in anyway. This information is freely available on Wetin Dey Shele developed by one of the few developers I personally admire Oge Nnadi. In the course of the new month, I will (threaten) ask him to discuss his use of Open Source tools in the development of the application.

In other developments, after the loss of Samsung to Apple, Samsung bounced back by making sure they are the first vendor to announce the launch of Windows 8 devices. I my opinion, this is the best way to make their stock prices withstand the shock of the lawsuit. The future of game development might be settled on the Windows 8 platform, so it is worth keeping an eye on.

So now the announcements are over, its time to pay tribute. When he landed on the Moon, he inadvertently created a world of dreams. Some of the ideas behind landing on the moon inspired games like Lunar Lander and cartoons like Voltron which for most of us growing up was kind of something to look forward to at 4pm….

While he was the first man on the moon, he did not do it alone. Behind Neil Armstrong is a long history of teachers, trainers and teammates. That’s the reality. No worthwhile dream can be achieved by one individual working alone!

Mission Crew

Apollo 11 Crew
The Apollo 11 lunar landing mission crew, pictured from left to right, Neil A. Armstrong, commander; Michael Collins, command module pilot; and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr., lunar module pilot.

Above is a picture of the “Front Men” behind them are engineers, scientists, government contractors and even cleaners! I think too many people are brainwashed into thinking like the “Man on the Hill” that epitome of the self made man that they never realize that it does not exist.

Even on the moon, one person had to be first. Could it have been any of them? I think so. At the end, it had to be about the team. And that is what this post is really about Synergy! That by working together, a team of ordinary people can get to do extraordinary stuff. In the words of Neil Armstrong “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”.

First landing on the moon


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