Danfo Reloaded

Danfo Reloaded

When I posted the interview with Bayo Puddicombe of Pledge51 I remember stating that Nokia would have to form an alliance with the local company in order to strengthen its hold on the Nigerian market. The predictions made were based on the trends of Nokia in the global market. Recently, Nokia announced its partnership with the gaming company Zynga. You can check out more details here.

Boy was I right! I am not a Prophet just a good Project Manager who knows how to follow the money. The trail began like this: Nokia Create 4 Millions -> Nokia Growth Academy -> Danfo Reloaded -> ???

At the end, it was inevitable! My prediction came TRUE. Now I know you want me to predict what I feel could be next and I will. I think Pledge51 will win The Future Awards in their category this year. It will be exciting cheering this team in the months to come.

Social Gaming Giant Zynga has two great games in its stable Draw Something and Zynga Poker. I played Draw Something and I liked it. Basically you search for a player on a social network and wait for a response. When you find someone willing to play, you “Draw Something and ” and the other player tries to guess what you have drawn. This is one game that is simple, fun and engaging.

From all indications Nokia is willing to roll out its arsenal for the Nokia Asha. This is one phone they still have a hold on. My personal opinion of the Nokia Asha is that if not for Nokia committing themselves to Microsoft, they could leverage on the Nokia Asha going into the future. The Nokia Asha is as good as any smartphone out there. Did I mention that it is also touch screen? Find out details here

While I want to cheer Pledge51, for me there are lessons in the success of the team. Overnight success took 5 years to come. The more I live, the more I am convinced that you cannot separate success from steadfast consistency. The conviction, discipline and commitment required to succeed can only be tested by consistency. Maybe if I blog every weekend without fail up until 2016, this blog will….

That’s all for this week. Since success has many fathers… no wait! Bayo seniors me. So since success has many brothers Oga B! If Nokia wan carry you comot, abeg make I join for traveling bag. I never dey too big to enter 🙂


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