Bootstrapper's Bible

This week was really exciting on the first day of the month I got in touch with a dear friend from Nigeria Victor Dibia who runs a startup called Denvycom. In the course of chatting with him I found out that he was participating in a training program organised by MIT AITI in collaboration with the University of Lagos and since curiosity kill the cat I decided to look up the site.

In the end, I found out about The Bootstrapper’s Bible on the website and finished reading it that same day. Its 103 pages in total and a great read. Its a story of how small platoons can take on big battalions and win! By building a business with financial probity at it core, it is possible to survive and thrive. Enough said!

This week the company in focus is one of the guest lecturers at the MIT AITI programme. It is made up of two renowned programmers Zubair Abubakar and Bayo Puddicombe. Before leaving Nigeria I sat down with Bayo to talk about his award-winning game Danfo.


When did you first build Danfo?
2007 Not too long after youth service.

Opportunity in between

What platforms is Danfo available on?
Currently available for download on Series 40 Devices

Based on market trends and demand. Nokia is the largest supplier of feature phones in this market. Device fragmentation led to focus on Nokia

Is all the development done locally?

Can we expect more games later in the year?

What awards has Danfo won?
3rd place in the Nokia West Africa Create 4 Millions

Maybe the judges were looking for business. UI was not too standard

So there you have it. Danfo is available from the Nokia Store if you have a Nokia Phone do check it out! Globally, Nokia is losing marketshare thus forcing them to consolidate on the Nigerian market where they have a hold in the feature phone market.

If I am right, some time in the future, Nokia is going to have to do a deal with Pledge51 for their game to be on their platform as an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Given losses in the rest of the world, it makes sense to focus on the largest market in Nigeria where they already have a hold. As at today, Pledge51 is one of 10 startups in the Nokia Growth Academy


On a personal note  Bayo Puddicombe and myself both went to the University of Lagos. He was my 4 years ahead of me. I remember him as quiet and confident. In between the time he left the University of Lagos and when our paths crossed again in 2011, he attended IVD where he met Zubair Abubakar. In that time the formidable partnership has gone on to do great things.

Bayo Puddicombe at Cocreation Hub

Bayo Puddicombe at Cocreation Hub


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