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The fight between Android and Apple

Its been a while since I last posted anything on this blog. In that time I relocated to Accra. That is partly the reason why the blog was inactive. For me relocation was like dying. I had to get my affairs in order. Preparations had to be made. Farewells said. Today is my 30th day in Ghana and I am settled in.

One of the things I did before leaving was interview the founder of Maliyo Games Hugo Obi it was my first interview ever for this blog. Nice guy, put me at ease and even gave me advice on how to conduct an interview :-0

In between that time Zynga the Social Gaming giant reported some very serious losses. Before this time, most game developers thought like this

Business model before Zynga decline

This development means that gaming studios have to rethink their strategies in developing and distributing content. What does this have to do with the West African Gaming space? Time will tell.

History bears witness that the old civilizations like the Aztecs, the Chinese empires, the Native American Indians, were destroyed by a people with more sophisticated technology. The same thing is starting in the Gaming space. Maliyo Games unveiled itself to the public on May 31st 2012. Before that time what the gaming space saw was a bunch of programmers who wrote games part-time but never really committed to it.

All that changed with the coming of Maliyo Games. Now the bar has been raised once and for all. Game Developers must do it or let it die. Go home or go big. There is no more time to meddle. Enough said On With the Interview!

What is your background in the technology business?
Lots of failure
What made you invest in the local gaming industry?
Because there isn’t any industry locally and there is an opportunity to build it
How did you generate initial funding?
Personal funding
Did you carry out any market research before starting?
Who is your target market?
Everybody and anybody with an internet accessible mobile device
What is the focus of your games?
Looking at fun,entertaining, engaging with local narratives.
Why browser-based games?
Easier development and production cycles.
Rapid prototyping.
What is your monetization strategy?
None implemented yet. You need numbers to monetize
What can we expect by the end of the year?
Wait and see
Where do you see Maliyo Games in 2016?
A mature market with plenty of content and market diversity

Hugo Obi

Hugo Obi (Assume the background is the West African Gaming space)

The lessons of history do not lie. Christopher Columbus was the first white man the Native Americans ever saw. In time more white men would come and there would be a fight for the land in America. History records that all the Native Tribes that choose to fight were eventually vanquished by the invaders. Those that survive today do so by the largesse of the victors who gave them reservations to live in.

The lesson for developers is simple. The Gaming Space is pregnant with potential it is up to everyone to position themselves for the next 3 years. For those not familiar with history, study the Scramble for Africa because that is what is happening in the gaming space.

In conclusion as my final advice to game programmers, I will end with an image from the book The Sicilian by Mario Puzo.

The end of a world